Let’s be clear so there are no surprises. This is not an ad for an expensive professional lab that’s going to charge you so much to scan your old slides or negatives that you end up deciding it’s just not worth it. I’m offering an alternative to that idea. I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years now, and a software engineer for just about as long. I know both photography and computers pretty well, and I’ve scanned nearly 100,000 of my own images. I use the Nikon LS-4000 film scanner which provides high-quality 4000 DPI scans. (Approximately 22 megapixels for 35mm-sized images.)

Scans can be saved as your choice of JPEG, 8-bit TIFF or 16-bit TIFF. All scans are done “full-frame” which means the image will show some of the area outside the frame.

Your film will be handled with the utmost care. I use special soft cotton gloves at all times while handling slides or negatives.

This offer applies to standard scans of good-condition 35mm slides or negatives only. Inquire about rates for scanning other film sizes.



Pricing is based on how many slides or negatives you have to scan.

Film Type First 1-200 images Images 201-500 Images 501-1000 Images 1001-up
Mounted Slides $0.35 each $0.30 each $0.25 each $0.20 each
Film Strips (2 or more images $0.40 each $0.35 each $0.30 each $0.25 each


Let’s say you have 600 images to scan, all mounted 35mm slides. The first 200 will cost $0.35 each. Images 201-500 will cost $0.30 each. Images 501-600 will cost $0.25 each. So the total for the 600 slides is $185.00.

That’s (200 x $0.35) + (300 x $0.30) + (100 x $0.25) = $185.00

That pricing applies to mounted slides or film strips with at least 2 or more negatives each. Standard paper or glass slide mounts only.

$1.00 per image for unmounted slides or single-cut negatives.

Scanned images will be burned to DVD-R discs or copied to customer-supplied media (CompactFlash/SecureDigital Memory cards, USB flash drives or external hard drives).

$5.00 per DVD-R.

Damaged slide mounts will be charged at $1.00 each. Film with significant damage or which requires special cleaning may be rejected or require an additional charge.

Terms & Conditions

Some images may require additional processing (not included) to correct major color fading, color shifts, or other problems.  Such processing is not included in the prices shown above.

Our scanning

Prices do not apply to images which require significant restoration such as correction of major color fading or other problems. Be aware that the Nikon scanner we use sincludes features for automatic scratch removal which does an amazing job in most cases, and we will use it whenever possible. However, it does not work with most B&W films and certain color slide films such as Kodachrome. We are not responsible for scratches or dust which make it through to the final scan.

$10.00 minimum order. Orders more than $50.00 may require a deposit. Turn-around time will depend on the size and nature of your order. I’ll provide an estimate once I see what you’ve got to be scanned.

Cash preferred. No personal checks. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal. Offer subject to change without notice.

If you’re interested or have questions, please use the CONTACT page or call Mike at 510-206-6166

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