January 29th, 2011 by Mike Fulton
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I went to the Macworld show in San Francisco yesterday. As usual, it was held at Moscone Center, but one change this year was that it was held in the relatively new Moscone West hall, rather than being split across the North and South halls as in previous years. The show was quite noticably smaller than in previous years, even last year when Apple failed to show for the first time. Aside from Apple’s continued absence, noticeably missing were other traditional big Mac supporters like Adobe, Filemaker, and more. Canon and Nikon both had booths last year, and they were both missing this time around as well.

Realistically, this was not Macworld at all… it was iPad & iPhone World, with a tiny little bit of Mac stuff off on one side. I would say at least 1/3 of the booths on the expo floor were primarily devoted to showing cases or other accessories for iPad and iPhone. Maybe about another 1/3 were devoted to iPhone and iPad software of some kind. That may sound like 1/3 of the show had Mac stuff, but really I doubt it was that much.

I use both the iPhone and iPad, but I’m still very, very disappointed that so much of the show was devoted to non-Mac stuff. Especially since so much of it it was really TRIVIAL products like cases or yet another car charging cable. These companies have every right to be here, but it’s alarming that they make up such a huge percentage of the total show. What does it say about the state of the Mac marketplace that so few truly Mac-centric companies attend the market’s biggest show of the year?

It’s almost needless to say at this point that there was very little of interest for photographers using the Mac platform. Topaz Labs was showing off their Photoshop plugins, some of which are now also available for use with iPhoto, but beyond that it was slim pickings.

I’ll be making a more in-depth post about the show on my other website in a few days.

San Francisco Waterfront @ 1:30am

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